CMH Provider Support Program

Providing Support to Our Medical Professionals

Life presents complex challenges. From everyday issues like job pressures and stress, relationships, pending retirement or the personal impact of grief, loss or a disability. This program can be your resource for professional and personal support. Within a fully confidential, private, and safe setting, providers can identify and explore issues of concern. (This is a benefit for employed providers who are eligible to participate in CMH benefit programs.)

Service Features

  • The service includes an expedited and priority scheduling.
  • An initial assessment by phone to determine the appropriate resources to support you and your situation. 
    • Resources available include professional coaches who specialize in physician stress & burnout, psychologists, therapists and a broad network of other specialists.
  • Once the appropriate resource is identified up to three counseling sessions will be provided at no cost to you. If additional sessions are needed they may be self -paid (at a discounted rate) or may be covered by the CMH insurance program. (Health Savings Account funds may be able to be used for some services).
  • If you self-refer to this service it will be on an anonymous basis. The organization will only be notified of the number of requests for service made in any month.

Getting in Touch is Easy

 Just one simple call:  207-926-4117

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