Frequently Asked Questions

How do I notify the benefits department that I plan to enroll in Healthy Decisions?

Employees must first select the "wellness" option when submitting their medical plan choice and then contact Healthy Decisions to schedule their enrollment health coaching and biometric screening.

What is required to become enrolled in the Healthy Decisions Program?

All employees who desire to be part of the wellness program will need to complete an enrollment health coaching appointment with a healthy decisions team member. Prior to the health coaching they must complete a lab biometric screening. Please contact Healthy Decisions to initiate this process.

Does my spouse need to complete the enrollment steps for Healthy Decisions?

Spouses also covered under the employee's medical benefit are required to complete the required enrollment pieces. If either the employee or spouse enrolled in medical does not complete an enrollment health coaching appointment with a healthy decisions team member or maintain their wellness program, the quarterly deposits will cease until the delinquent account is caught up.  

I am a Healthy Decisions participant, how do I access my personal Healthy Decisions account?

Healthy Decisions is a personalized health coaching program. There is no longer an online log-in component for participants.

What does the Healthy Decisions program entail?

Participants are assigned a health coach as part of the program. Regular meetings with your assigned health coach will fulfill your program requirements. The frequency of meetings and/or continued biometric screenings will be determined at your enrollment appointment. 

How do I schedule my health coaching appointment?

To schedule your health coaching appointment call Healthy Decisions at 786-1699 or email at

Do I need to be enrolled in CMHC's medical insurance to participate in the wellness program?

Yes, to participate in all aspects of the Healthy Decisions program you must be enrolled in the medical benefit offered through CMHC.

Is there a deadline for the Healthy Decisions program?

No, once a participant has enrolled, the program becomes a wellness maintenance program. As long as the participant continues to meet with their health coach they will continue to receive the benefits of the program. There are no other tasks involved.

Is there a cost associated with the biometric screenings?

No, all biometric screenings ordered by Healthy Decisions are at a no cost to the participant.

Can I enroll in Healthy Decisions when it is not open enrollment?

Yes, medical plan participants can enroll at any time. Please contact Healthy Decisions for further information.

What are the benefits of the Healthy Decisions program?

Participants will receive free health coaching and free biometric lab screenings.  Quarterly monetary deposits will be deposited into your qualifying HSA/HRA account. Participants are also eligible for an annual reimbursement of $125.00 (per household) for wellness related items and activities. Participants who have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol will also receive select free medications for participating.

How can I reschedule my health coaching appointment?

If you need to reschedule your appointment please contact Healthy Decisions within 14 days of your original appointment to reschedule for another date. It is the responsibility of the participant to contact Heathy Decisions should they be unable to make their appointment. Healthy Decisions can be reached at 786-1699 or

Who should I contact if I used to participate in the Chronic Conditions/Edumedics program?

Healthy Decisions will continue to run the chronic conditions program. Please contact Healthy Decisions at 786-1699 or and request to see our Nurse Practitioner.

Does my spouse need to come in in-person to complete the enrollment?

No, spouses can opt to complete their health coaching over the phone in cases of hardship. Please contact Healthy Decisions at 786-1699 or

Where are the Healthy Decisions offices located?

Healthy Decisions offers services at CMMC, Rumford Hospital, Bridgton Hospital and the Topsham Medical Building.

What is the reimbursement program from which I can receive up to $125?

Healthy Decisions Wellness Reimbursement is the reimbursement program through Healthy Decisions. Reimbursements may be submitted for activities including gym memberships, massage, Weight Watchers, sports lessons, yoga, Pilates, etc. Total reimbursement is for $125.00 per calendar year per household. Please visit our wellness reimbursement tab on the Healthy Decisions page for a list of qualifying activities.

How do I submit my reimbursement information?

Send a copy of your receipt and reimbursement form via inter-office mail, fax, or regular mail to: ATTN: Healthy Decisions
Fax: 795-5688 10 High St. Suite 305 Lewiston, ME 04240

What if I have other questions about the Healthy Decision Wellness Program?

All questions regarding Healthy Decisions Wellness should be directed to 786-1699 or