Choice Time (CT) & Extended Sick Bank (ESB)

Central Maine Healthcare provides paid time-off for full-time and regular part-time employees.

Choice Time

Employees earn up to 5, 6 or 7 weeks of CT each year. The amount accrued is pro-rated if an employee works less than 40 hours. CT hours accrue continuously and appear on each check stub. The following chart explains the accrual rate:

Hourly employees Salaried employees
Hire to 4th anniversary 5 weeks 6 weeks
4th to 14th anniversary 6 weeks 7 weeks
14th anniversary forward 7 weeks 7 weeks

Extended Sick Bank

Employees accrue 1.2 weeks of ESB each year. The maximum ESB balance is 600 hours. When ESB is used, it is paid at the rate of 60% value, in other words, 40 hours of ESB is equivalent to 24 hours of regular pay.

Much more information about the CT and ESB can be found on the policy located on the CMH portal.

Note: CT and ESB parameters for physicians vary as determined by contract.