Choice Time (CT) & Extended Sick Bank (ESB)

Central Maine Healthcare provides paid time-off for full-time and regular part-time employees.

Choice Time

Employees earn up to 5, 6 or 7 weeks of CT each year. The amount accrued is pro-rated if an employee works less than 40 hours. CT hours accrue continuously and appear on each check stub. The following chart explains the accrual rate:

Hourly employees Salaried employees
Hire to 4th anniversary 5 weeks 6 weeks
4th to 14th anniversary 6 weeks 7 weeks
14th anniversary forward 7 weeks 7 weeks

Extended Sick Bank

Central Maine Healthcare self-funds team member short term disability protection.  For new hires, six weeks of ESB will be loaded to coincide with benefits enrollments.  Each July 1st thereafter, anyone with a balance less than six weeks of ESB will see the balance increased to the six-week minimum.  ESB hours pay at the rate of 60% of base pay.